Battery Inverter System: Your Energy Safety Net

Understanding the unpredictability of South Africa’s power supply, Nexgen Energy offers a range of battery inverter system solutions. These provide a seamless transition during outages, ensuring that your home or business continues to operate without interruption.
Experience uninterrupted energy

The Battery Inverter System Difference

Battery inverter systems play a crucial role in renewable energy setups, particularly in solar power systems, where they transform the DC electricity generated by solar panels into usable AC power to service your electrical consumption needs. We stock a range of quality inverters and batteries that serve to inform our professional recommendations for scalable systems that cater to both immediate and long-term needs.



Sunsynk inverters: 5, 8, 12kw


Deye inverters: 5, 8, 12kw


Luxpower inverters: 5, 8, 12kw

Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries


Sunsynk lithium batteries


Hubble lithium batteries


Volta lithium batteries

The Benefits

Enhanced Energy Independence

Battery inverters enhance energy independence by allowing users to store and utilise generated energy, reducing reliance on the grid.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Integrating battery inverters in renewable energy systems has dramatically increased energy usage efficiency by effectively storing excess energy for later use.

Cost Savings Over Time

While there is an upfront investment for battery inverter systems, the long-term savings are significant as it reduces the need for costly grid electricity.

Store Energy the Smart Way

A battery inverter system ensures that you have access to reliable power whenever you need it! We cater to various applications, from enhancing the efficiency of your solar panels to providing essential stand-alone backup power during outages.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can inverter batteries be used in solar energy systems?

Yes, inverter batteries are compatible with solar systems. In fact, lithium-ion batteries are preferred over other battery options in solar applications because of their superior energy density and durability.

How much do these batteries cost?

The cost of an inverter battery can fluctuate depending on its specifications, capacity, and additional functionalities. We strive to offer you the best unit and price to suit your needs.

Which inverter batteries are the best to use in my system?

Determining the best inverter battery for your needs depends on various factors, such as your energy requirements, desired battery capacity, and the inverter’s VA rating. Our team will help you determine which batteries are appropriate for your setup.

Can inverters save me money?

Yes, inverters can lead to cost savings over time when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like solar panels. For businesses, they can also support ongoing operations despite power cuts, which means your business does not have to suffer a loss of production.